Terza Digital


Do you have any case studies/testimonials/work-samples?

We’re fairly new to this game so don’t really have any case studies or testimonials available right now.

We could share a list of websites/companies we’ve worked with previously and you can always see my work experience on my LinkedIn.

How much do you charge per hour?

We’re still trying to work out the sweet spot in terms of value for money and making freelance SEO worth my time.

As soon as we have a figure we will share it…

What does Terza Mean?

It doesn’t actually mean anything in particular; technically “third” in Italian but it doesn’t have any personal significance.

It’s quite hard to find short and snappy domains these days with a traditional extension, so seeing a five letter .co.uk which is fairly easy to pronounce was a bit of a no-brainer.

Why Terza over another Freelance SEO or agency?

I’m not really sure why you should choose me, I’m not really a salesman (Nick).

Send us a message and once we’ve had a chat it’ll probably be plain to see if we will get on.