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SEO Audits are a pretty fun to do in most instances because from a freelance perspective they have a certain end point.

Whilst they are a very easy way of slicing and dicing SEO as a service, an SEO audit alone is never going to be a silver bullet when it comes to improving your SEO.

They are merely the starting point the every develping challenge of SEO, and it’s also worth reinforcing that without action and follow-ups audits are pretty much a waste of your time.

I can’t promise buying an audit from me will guarantree you success; all I can promise is that I will do my damndest to give you actionable follow ups which are based on industry wide best-practice and from my years of experience.

1. Initial SEO

I’ve had quite a few people who have just created websites ask if I can “do some SEO” for them and this usually means set a few things up and give some pointers. I can help clarify what you’re after but a standard offer would be a few hours just to crawl the site for any serious issues, ensure Google Search Console is set-up + Google Analytics, export metas + titles (and educate on them), check site structure, offer a few speed tips and do some basic keyword research.

2. On-Page/On-Site

Often people want help “optimising” their pages for SEO, and I can help support this. Starting with a crawl/review of existing on-page elements, and combining it with some competitor research is usually enough to get make it click for most website owners. It’s probably more cost-effective if you update the meta data yourself, but I would be happy to quote for this as well if required.

3. Internal Linking

An Internal Link Audit is an easy way of seeing some modest ranking improvements; in most cases it means optimising existing menus, navigational areas, anchor text optimisation, and identifying internal linking opportunities.

4. Structured Data

Everyone keeps saying add “Schema” but it’s not quite as simple as this. You need to identify the correct opportunities for markup, and then work out the most-efficient way to implement it; this could be automated through a script, or added manually on a page by page basis!

5. Hreflang

Anyone who has ever been involved in International SEO and a Hreflang Audit before will understand why this one is under the “advanced” category. The theory of Hreflang is very simple; there are rules like Sudoko but scaling and verifying correct implementation becomes difficult very fast, to paraphrase Google’s John Mueller.

6. JavaScript

I’m putting “JavaScript SEO” under its own specials section as I’m looking to gain more experience with websites which rely on JavaScript for rendering.

If you have a site which uses any of the popular frameworks then let me know and I will love to take a look/do an audit at a discounted rate – for the time being anyway!

7. Other

Anything else – this could be a good old fashioned SEO Audit which encompasses all areas of SEO; from on-site + technical, Speed, Keyword Research, Competitors,  and off-site (backlink analysis). The larger the site the more hours it will take me, but the areas I cover are usually always the same.

If you’re looking for Site Speed consultancy please check out my dedicated Site Speed Optimisation page.