Terza Digital

Website Migrations

I can assist with any of type of website migration with the goal always being to ensure a minimal loss of traffic.

1. Website Redesign

Usually a simple website redesign or refresh are the simplest type of migration to deal with, however they are not without their potential pitfalls. Get me involved as soon as possible and I’ll ensure none of the basics are missed, and none of the “classic” SEO errors happen e.g. staging site is indexed.

2. CMS Replatforming

Switching to a different CMS such as WordPress is one of the ways to improve your SEO out of the box, however changing the type of website means that occasionally there can be legacy issues. Most commonly default URL structure changes which means pages need to be precisely mapped and redirected appropriately.

3. Domain Name Change

Thinking of changing to a different domain name, or looking to rebrand your business? We can help send clear signals to Google and other search engines that your websites are related and the new domain is a continuation of the old one.

4. Domain Consolidation

If you’re looking to get rid of some old domains and merge existing content let us know and we can help you with rehousing content to a single domain.

5. Internationalisation

Last but not least I can help support an International website migration whether that is domain consolidation as per the above or domain expansion. Simply let me know how many territories we’re dealing with and I can quote based on the number of pages.

In addition to the above I can also help with file/cms/database migration by offering web dev with this website migration.