Website Migrations

Take the stress out of your website migration

Ensuring a smooth migration for your website when a key element changes is critical for maintaining your organic visibility in Search Engine’s such as Google and Bing.

With our background and experience in SEO we have a strong understanding of the steps required to migrate your website with a minimal disruption to your users and on your traffic.

A short rule of thumb is that the more elements involved, especially around URL structure, the more risky the migration is, however with correct redirect mapping and management a lot of risk can be offset.

It's kind of like moving house

A classic analogy for Website Migrations are that it’s like moving home, and it is surprisingly accurate.

You may be moving into a different type of home altogether (Content Management System), you will need to move your possessions or throw them out (web pages) and you will most likely need to redirect your mail for the foreseeable future (your URLs).

And just like when you move house, you can do it yourself but sometimes it’s easy to pay the experts to do the heavy lifting for you.

That’s where Terza Digital come in.

Our Web Migration Services

Here are the most common types of Web Migration we have encountered.

  • CMS Replatforming

    This involves changing your Content Management System, or occasionally upgrading versions of your CMS, if the latest release is considered a significant version e.g. Windows XP to Windows 8.

  • Domain Name Changes

    A certain domain name may seem a good fit for your business at one moment in time but they do change over time as your business grows or you get an exciting opportunity to rebrand.

  • Website Redesign

    Depending on the extent of your web redesign, you may look into completing a full taxonomy and URL review, in which case you will need to migrate content.

  • HTTP to HTTPs

    Upgrading from HTTP urls to HTTPs which is the latest secure standard requiring HTTPs/2 is a form of migration in itself.

  • Domain Consolidation

    Not quite as common for smaller and fledgling businesses but occasionally you may wish to merge two or multiple websites into a single domain.

  • Redirect Management

    Not a type of migration per se, redirect management is a key activity regardless of which type you pursue. We can help map these and deploy them depending on your tech stack.

Need help with a site migration?

Send us a message and we can lend you our migration expertise.