Terza Digital

Technical SEO

I offer Technical SEO consultancy through five main areas:

1. Ad-Hoc

I can help support any area of SEO on an ad-hoc basis; whether you need me for a one-off project or to solve a specific problem. I am happy to quote for this and will never try to up-sell you superfluous hours or lock you down into a fixed month contract.

2. Technical SEO Audit

An in-depth audit is the cornerstone of my Technical SEO service, and the audit examines everything relating to the on-site performance of your website; starting with the server configuration and who you host with, all the way to which JavaScript tags fire once a page has loaded and how Google indexes your website.

3. Monthly Support

Someone businesses, not all, might require monthly SEO support, and this is something I would be pleased to offer. You could book me for X hours a month of analysis + health checks, or hire me every few months to ensure everything is running smoothly – the choice is yours.

4. Reporting

Relating to technical SEO is the reporting process and without the right type of reports it can be super easy to lose a grip of SEO performance. Technical is the bedrock of SEO foundations, and it’s key that this doesn’t become a barrier to success.

5. Automation/Processes

Finally, falling under Technical SEO I can help establish efficient SEO processes to your business whether that’s for your in-house reporting, or how you want to perform your own SEO in-house. I will advise what areas you may wish to automate and share with you how I would personally do things.