Web Development

Terza can support a range of website issues with Web Dev

Web Development is a very broad term and can refer to a whole host of activities encompassing server administration all the way to front-end content management.

Often used synonymously with Web Design, Web Development usually refers to elements relating to the build and code whereas Web Designers may be more familiar with software such as Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch.

Having said that, the boundaries have always been blurred and there has always been front-end developers who are equally adept at the creative and coding sides.

This service page generally refers to broad Web Dev services we offer.

We have been developing websites for over 10 years

During this time we have pretty much seen it all in terms of working with individuals and businesses, and understand the best way of adding value to your business.

Terza are capable of integrating with your existing IT or tech team to support in-house development, or to work with a variety of stakeholders including marketing and other functions of your business.

We love collaborating with businesses, and we love transforming their ideas into reality with our web development expertise.

Web Development Services

Here are the most common web hosting issues we typically help our clients with.

  • New Websites

    The main Web Development service we offer is the creation of new websites. Click this link to see our dedicated service page.

  • New Functionality

    We also can do integrated development with your existing website or workflow, and help contribute to new functionality.

  • Ad Hoc Support

    Another popular service of ours is Ad Hoc troubleshooting for your website. See this link for more details.

  • API Integrations

    We can help establish scripts to consume APIs for your website to dynamically display data or to improve an existing business process.

  • Web Scraping

    Where an API doesn’t exist or isn’t possible to access, we can help retrieve information across the web using our Web Scraping scripts by powered by Python.

  • White Label Support

    Last but not least we are capable of supporting existing agencies with development resource on a “white label” basis. Contact us for more details.

Need help from a Web Developer?

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