Terza Digital

Web Development

Teaming up with my brother, Will, I am able to offer Web Dev Services specifically geared towards SEO.

I’ve worked with Will for many years now and as an SEO he has helped with out with numerous development issues.

It’s safe to say he understands SEO, and how certain Web Dev helps facilitate better rankings.

Below are some examples of tasks he could help with:

1. WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS these days, and both myself and Will have a good working knowledge of how WordPress, common issues, themes and plugin development.

2. Hosting & Servers

Last but not least I can offer basic Linux server admin geared towards SEO whether that’s an upgrade to HTTP/2, customising the .htaccess file or setting up a custom caching layer.

Usually Website Migrations for SEO assume someone else will “physically” migrate the server files, however we would be happy to help with this. Just let us know the current and new server details and we can assess the scenario.

3. Site Speed Fixes

Either as part of one of our site speed audits or separately. If you know what you want us to fix, let us know and we can quote for it based on how long we believe it will take.

4. AMP

I’ve worked on AMP projects with Google and have a solid knowledge of what it takes to launch an AMP site. Will has built a few for me already, and we’d be happy to quote for your project.

5. Other

Anything else related to Web Development and optimising your website; it could be as simple as a CSS tweak, image optimisation or a the creation of a new page or functionality.