Hosting and IT

Host with Terza and Keep Full Control of Your Website

When it comes to hosting and managing your website you essentially have two choices:

  1. You set-up an account and grant us access to configure hosting
  2. We set-up an account and configure hosting

The best option depends entirely on your tech knowledge and how much monthly support you require.

Either way we ensure you retain full access to the server at any given time and never lock you into our hosting.

Use Our Recommended Hosts

We have experience with numerous web hosting companies and can recommend you the perfect solution based on your unique requirements for example:

  • Krystal UK – Full cPanel access
  • WP Engine – Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Digital Ocean – Custom LAMP Servers

By default we would recommend hosting with a provider which grants you cPanel or Plesk.

Choosing a UK based host usually ensures that you get reliable support but there are exceptions to this rule.

Our Hosting Services

Here are the most common web hosting issues we typically help our clients with.

  • Web Hosting

    We can either host your website for you or recommend and configure hosting on your own account which is independent of us.

  • Email Setup

    Configuring work emails can often be frustrating to set-up. Let us take care of the DNS settings, verification and basic access credentials.

  • Host Migration

    If you are looking to change host providers or have outgrown your current hosts we can help seamlessly migrate your website over to a new server with minimal downtime.

  • CDN Configuration

    CDNs or Content Delivery Networks are one way of enhancing the performance of your server by globally replicating your content. We can configure for most websites.

Need help with your hosting?

Send us a message and we can give you our advice how to proceed with hosting.