WordPress Services

Already use Wordpress? We can help do the hard parts.

Depending on which source of data you use, WordPress powers anywhere between 30-35% of active websites on the internet today.

Therefore if you are reading this web page, there’s an exceptionally high chance that you have some experience with the WP CMS and maybe even run your own WordPress website.

Whilst WordPress is amazing and very intuitive to use, unless you are a full time developer after a certain point you may reach the limits of what you can achieve by yourself.

This is where our expertise can help, in taking you to the next level of WordPress.

So much more than just a blog platform.

Whilst WordPress started out as a dedicated platform for bloggers back in 2003, today the CMS defies classification due to the vast plugin ecosystem and library of bespoke theme’s available to purchase.

There are thousands of verified and well maintained Plugins which can add new dimensions to WordPress including E-Commerce capabilities, Forum functionality, Events and Appointment calendar booking and many more.

With the right developer, the only limitations with WordPress are the limits of your imagination.

Our Wordpress Services

In addition to building websites we also offer WordPress specific development.

  • Plugin Development

    Have an idea for a bespoke Plugin for your website or in general? We can build this against best-practices and ensure it is compatible across multiple websites.

  • WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is the number 1 E-Commerce software for WordPress. We can turn your existing website or a new idea into a fully fledged online store.

  • AMP Setup

    AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is an open source framework which we can use to create lightning fast alternate versions of your key pages.

  • Headless Wordpress

    “Jamstack” powered websites are slowly but surely growing in popularity, and we can configure WordPress to be Headless using the native REST API.

  • Sitespeed Optimisation

    Google introduced Site Speed as an SEO ranking factor in 2018 for Mobile Searches and it’s fair to say nobody likes a slow website. We can 100% speed your site up.

  • Security & Maintenance

    Security in general is a numbers game, and whilst no site is unhackable, we can help implement basic hardening to shift the odds in your favour of deterring the most common hacks.

Need help with Wordpress?

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