Ad Hoc Web Support

We can fix most unexpected issues with your website

Whether you know what caused it or it came out nowhere, we have the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot and fix the majority of issues with your website.

Even if you aren’t updating content or making changes to the front-end, web pages can still break over time for a multitude of reasons.

We can help isolate the issues and restore your website, plus communicate clearly the root cause of the issue so it never happens again.

Managing websites is difficult and the unexpected happens

The management of websites has certainly come a long way since the 1990s whereby Web Developers dealt with static page files and bare bones HTML and CSS.

Whilst Content Management Systems have helped democratise the creation of content, there is still a small element of risk when non-technical users update pages.

Depending on which part of the code or content you are trying to edit, this can sometimes be very intimidating for end users and sometimes unintentional mistakes happen.

We can support you and confirm the best way to edit your website without breaking page layouts or functionality.


Common Issues We Help With

Here are the most common web hosting issues we typically help our clients with.

  • Broken Pages

    Sometimes pages or parts of pages can seemingly break for no reason. Let us investigate and the fix the issue for you, so you can get back to promoting your business.

  • Website Hacks

    Unfortunately hacks can and do happen to websites. We can help isolate the cause, remove any potential threats, and migration across to a cleaned up environment.

  • SSL Certificates

    Ensuring your website is fully secure is a requirement for payment processors, however it can sometimes be tricky to configure HTTPs URLs over HTTP.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is one of the most popular free technologies on the web. We can help set it up or troubleshoot tracking issues.

  • Contact Forms

    Contact forms can be a constant source of problems. We can help improve the deliverability of web mail and ensure no messages are lost in the ether.

  • Server & Database Errors

    Occasionally websites can throw up error messages regarding the server and database. We can interpret these for you and ensure consistent uptime.

Need urgent help with your website?

Send us a message and we can help fix your issue as soon as possible.